The right procedures to give you

Hope through Healing

When you have pain or struggle with not feeling like yourself, finding the right solution can be challenging

You’ve been to doctors and tried different solutions, but you still feel like something is wrong and just want someone to listen to your concerns and offer a plan that might help you feel better. 

We know how frustrating it can feel and the importance of having multiple techniques available to our patients. At Bledsoe Chiropractic clinics, we utilize a variety of methods to ensure you have access to the right solution for your individual needs.  When you have the right solution to treat the pain or problem holding you back, you can experience hope through healing

Head to Toe Services

Each of our clinics offers the same great level of care for your whole body — regardless of which location you visit or which doctor you see, you can count on hope through healing, head-to-toe!

Chiropractic Care

Support your body’s ability to heal itself with a chiropractic adjustment using gentle instruments or manual adjustments so your body is aligned, and you feel relief from pain.

Massage Therapy

Relax with massage targeting tight muscles and stimulating blood flow, so your muscles feel relief and your adjustment is easier.

Rehab Therapy

The right combination of gentle therapies and supportive rehabilitation can assist your body’s ability to recover while getting the most out of your adjustments.

Nurse Practitioner

Providing extended care such as IV therapies, knee injections, and supportive treatments prescribed by our in-house Nurse Practitioner allows you to get the right treatments to support your body.

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Custom Orthotics

Each of our clinics is proud to offer Foot Levelers custom orthotics. These orthotics support the three arches in each foot to provide a balanced foundation and protect and support all phases of your gait.

Great atmosphere there! Warm, caring, thoughtful, and attentive staff. My first adjustment was tremendous. I have not had a drink in 40 years but I literally felt ‘high’ after my first treatment! Bledsoe is the place to go!!!

Clifton McGowan – Little Rock